Teamsters leader accused of intimidating voters

It was noted by the IRB that Aloise’s official salaries and allowances in 2014 amounted to an eye-popping 6,722. Hoffa’s close allies — Hoffa has been president of the Teamsters since 1998.He was selected that year in a special election after it was revealed that the 1996 balloting had been tainted by incumbent Ron Carey’s elaborate scheme to funnel 0,000 in outside money to his campaign.

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The union, which Burriss also founded, represents private security guards assigned to protect federal buildings in the metropolitan Washington area.The union on Tuesday agreed to federal mediation after polling its membership, but the strike will continue until an agreement is reached, said Will Petty, spokesman for Teamsters Joint Council 25, an affiliate of Local 727."We are hopeful that this can restart negotiations and help us reach an agreement as quickly as possible," he said."We were glad to hear from the union today that they have accepted our offer for federal mediation," Les Parsons, Coca-Cola's vice president of manufacturing, said in a written statement.JOSE ORTEGA: So I'm probably looking at maybe less than .CRAIG MCMURTRIE: He believes he's being punished by Toll because, fed up with his working conditions, he and a group of other drivers at the transport company's LA depot pushed to join a union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

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