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MK: Yeah, when a female orgasms, a hormone gets released. Justin Timberlake wears a cotton shirt, a wool tie, and wool pants from Lanvin. Chantilly lace cocktail dress, Tom Ford, price on request, visit ELLE: "Friends with benefits": a good idea or a bad idea? If she can't spell, I don't want to hang out with her. I've never met a girl who can have sex without an ounce of feeling. Is that just a woman convincing herself so she feels like it's okay to have sex with someone? ELLE: Playing friends with benefits, what was your costar most self-conscious about while shooting the nude scenes? Justin Timberlake: [Smiles] It is such a good idea—until it's a bad idea. Ultimately, it ends when someone wants to go and get serious with somebody. More times than not, a person catches feelings and somebody gets hurt. I was too young to be in bed with a girl, so she was upset. Beaded double georgette dress with marabou-feather trim, Ralph Lauren Black Label, ,498, at select Ralph Lauren stores nationwide. ELLE: In romance, are you ruled by your head or heart?

They’ve each been through so many failed relationships that they’ve given up on love and are focusing on having fun. I think there are things that women do way better than men, and there are things that men accept about themselves that they think they do better than women. Q: Mila, we heard you were in the middle of this really passionate scene and you fell to sleep? Justin is 6-1; I am 5-4, so there is a height difference. Justin: We hope that the laughter in this movie comes from a place of relating to sometimes how ridiculous life can be. They surprise you with how earnest they can possibly be. I am really proud that we were able to show specifically what it is like for a straight man and a gay man to have an honest friendship regardless of their differences in sexual preference. ‘Friends With Benefits’ heads into movie theaters on Friday, July 22.

“When you say it like that, it seems damn near impossible, right? ” Timberlake asks of why celebrities—him included—so often date other celebrities.

“Why do you think we wind up dating each other, and feeling more comfortable around each other? ‘Oh, thank God—finally, somebody who knows how I feel.’ It’s refuge.”Of his arguably most famous ex-girlfriend, Britney Spears, Timberlake tells Grigoriadis, “I wish her the best—that goes without saying.

“Friends with benefits” is a new concept for a new millennium. When Jamie successfully lures Dylan away from his L. job to New York, the two discover they have a lot in common and begin spending a lot of friend time together. Justin: Also, at the end of the day, it is your experience, so man up and make your own decisions. When you first meet him, he comes across as this stark individual but what you realize is that it is just that character’s sense of humor. That is what I like about a lot of the relationships in this movie.

In ‘Friends With Benefits’, Justin Timberlake is Dylan, an art director, and Mila Kunis is Jamie, a headhunter. We should use what is different about us to relate to each other.

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