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If you need to make several deposits you can do it through the bulk deposit option.In order to do so you must create first the Deposits Collections menu item.Employers below the ,500 threshold, who aren't required to make deposits and instead remit employment taxes with their Forms 941 or Form 944, may choose to deposit the taxes, or use other methods of payment as provided by the form instructions.Liability of ,500 or more: Unless you're eligible to make payments with your return, you must deposit your taxes.This is called “constructive receipt.” The organization is deemed to have constructively received a gift the moment the promise is made or when the money leaves the control of the donor, i.e. Back-dating a check does not prove that the gift was made in the prior year.

You can make a deposit for creditable Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) service you performed before 1989 during which retirement deductions were not withheld from your pay.

Both forms report federal income tax withheld from your employees, along with the employer's and employee's shares of social security and Medicare tax.

The amount of employment taxes you reported on your Forms 941 or 944 determines which deposit schedule you must use, monthly or semiweekly.

Even if you do not normally make copies of donation checks during the year, be sure to do so when you are depositing December donation checks in January.

Many organizations try to stretch the year when individual donors fail to mail their gifts before the actual end of the year.

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