Updating sprint phone

The wireless carrier is no longer selling either device on its website, but a company spokesperson told us that Sprint does expect to sell new Windows Phone devices in the near future.

At long last, Nougat is coming to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones—at least, those from Sprint and AT&T.

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As a result, carriers are trying to out-do one another on deals.Sprint has gone on a price-cutting tear recently, severely undercutting the competition by offering to cut Verizon and AT&T customers' bills in half if they switch, and offering the cheapest i Phone plan among the biggest four cell phone carriers.The company announced a new promotion this week giving customers a new i Phone 6 with unlimited data for per month, after trading in an old smartphone.Galaxy S7 Edge: Same story here, with T-Mobile confirming that the new software is now ready to download.LG Stylo: This phone got an unexpected boost from the Galaxy Note7 debacle thanks to its stylus support.

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